DALAYA SURVEYING COMPANY was first registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on November 9, 1977 as a General Professional Partnership. It was conceived to provide professional surveying services in the Philippines and abroad in all kinds of surveys such as public land subdivisions, isolated, relocation, topographic, hydrographic, geodetic, astronomic, photogrammetic GPS, magnetic and gravimetric survey; to print, verify, edit, sell the maps as are compiled and drawn as a result of such survey services; engineering surveys as may be necessary for the construction of buildings, roads and bridges, dams, highways, communication installations, reservoirs, tunnels, piers and harbours, town planning and other works necessary for the feasibility studies of public works for engineering surveys and to perform such other acts as are necessary to carry out the purpose of the Partnership; and to enter into all kinds of lawful contracts and agreements along the lines of the Partnership business as set forth above.

Dalaya Surveying Company is an affiliate of the Dalaya Group of Companies which includes Dalaya Construction and Development Corporation, Dalaya Realty Corporation, Dalaya Properties, Inc., Parks & Gardens Developers, Inc. and Cadillan Land, Inc.